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What are RSS News Feeds?
Instead of visiting many different websites to get their latest news, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology allows you to be automatically informed in real time when a news is released by a website. All this free of charge!

All the websites providing logos such as XML, RSS or RSS can be accessed through RSS News Feeds.

How to install RSS News Feeds?
In order to use RSS News feeds, you will need a specific reader (also called News Aggregator) such as RssReader (Windows) or NetNewsWire (Mac OS X). Most of these readers are freely downloadable.
Good to mention is RSSOwl which is available for several platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris) and integrating 29 different languages.

How to use RSS News Feeds provided by
You just have to copy the links hereunder which correspond to your headings of interest. Then import these links into your reader according to instructions. You will then be alerted in real time when the headings are updated.

Swiss Watch News : RSS
Facts and figures : RSS

Technical Support
For any further information about the installation and the use of reading softwares, please refer to the technical support provided by the suppliers.


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