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The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, with its headquarters in Bienne, is the Swiss watch industry's leading trade association.

We are a private, professional, and non-profit association, currently bringing together more than 500 members representing more than 90% of all Swiss watch manufacturers (finished products, watch movements, components, etc.).

We have, among others, as our mission


Jean-Daniel Pasche, President of the FH

to contribute to the development of the Swiss watch industry  
to establish a permanent link between its members to promote their joint interests  
to represent the Swiss watch industry in dealing with the Swiss, foreign and international authorities and economic or standardization organisations  
to protect the interests of its members in the drafting of national and foreign legislation, as well as during international negotiations to defend its members' interests by means of legal proceedings.  

As a meeting place for our members, we strive to provide common interests, to coordinate the policy wishes of the industry and to help conditions in the foreign markets to provide optimal benefits for the watch business.

Our organization is also designed to provide its members with a very large range of services in the legal, economic and commercial fields. It acts as a priviliged entity when dealing with the authorities, the media and the public in general, both in Switzerland and abroad. Our chief antennae in the world (permanent offices) are located in Hong Kong and Japan.

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