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  You wanted to sell a counterfeit? Sorry!  

Dealing with counterfeits is a criminal activity: selling fake products means supporting organised crime as well as all kinds of traffics.

Selling counterfeits is :


Selling counterfeits is
agreeing with know-how's pirating

Watchmakers have perfected a know-how requiring thousand hours's work in order to create unique timepieces with harmonious shapes and faultless quality.
IP is protected for two main reasons : acknowledgment and protection of creativity must be granted; and investment ans risks taken must be rewarded.


Selling counterfeits is
supporting and financing organised crime

Counterfeiting is a criminal activity; selling counterfeited items contributes to finance organised crime and all kinds of illegal business.
You do not tolerate thefts, drugs trafficking or tobacco smuggling? Counterfeits are often produced using similar infrastructure and sold through the same channels and by the same offenders. Links between counterfeiting activities and criminal networks have been established in many cases.


Selling counterfeits is
accepting underground and children's labour
Those exploited persons work in very hard conditions, receive a derisory salary and do not get any welfare, legal or medical protection.


Selling counterfeits is
endangering consumers' health and safety

Today, there is no trade segment free of pirated goods : medicines, planes and cars' spare parts, medical supplies and equipments (such as pace makers), glasses, CDs, drinks and food products, cosmetics and perfumes, textiles and watches, may all be counterfeited. When they are, this means that no quality and safety tests are performed.
Counterfeited watches are most of the time produced using less solid material, and even sometimes material which may be harmful (allergen, toxic, etc.). Less reliable, a fake watch is never a good choice.

Selling counterfeits is
reducing employment and stifling growth

This form of criminality contributes to the reduction of employment which is estimated to more than 200,000 jobs worldwide per year, of which 100,000 in Europe alone.
At State level, this represents revenue losses, thus public money which cannot be invested for citizen's welfare.

Selling counterfeits is
synonym of being liable to criminal sanctions

  • the mere possession of counterfeits is considered an offence in many countries
  • penalties could be claimed by legitimate IP rights' owners
  • customs are allowed as well to seize and destroy illegal items and to pronounce important fines

Selling genuine products is supporting sustainable development, fair competition and fair trade.



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