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Let's do business with Swiss watch and clock manufacturers!

You are a distributor / agent / wholesaler / retailer, etc. and wish to start business with our industry ? Or you would like to have your timepieces produced in Switzerland and thus take full advantage of the reputable "Swiss made" quality label ?

Then do not hesitate to contact us ! We are in a position to introduce you to all Swiss watch companies and to connect you with the watch and clock manufacturer(s) you are looking for.

According to your information (type of products, price range, brand name or "private label", markets, kind of distribution, etc.), we will be pleased to inform our members about your projects so that interested companies get in touch with you quickly.

If you really want to save time and money, take advantage of this free-of-charge service !

Interested ? If yes, please fill out the enclosed

On the other hand, our tariffs are available for any advertisment you may wish to publish in our Revue FH, the official information media of our Federation (20 issues a year).



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