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«Time Sweet Time»

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its current building, the International Museum of Horology (MIH) presents an exhibition in forty stages tracing events that have unfolded over the past four decades.

Ln 1968, the decision to build a new museum dedicated to the leading industry in La Chaux­ de-Fonds - watchmaking - took a step towards becoming a reality when the architectural design competition was launched. The Gnomon project, led by architects Georges-J. Haefeli and Pierre Zoelly, won the competition with an outstanding work of architecture. Winner of the Prix Béton for concrete architecture in 1977 and the European Museum of the Year award in 1978 (distinction awarded by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg), the marriage of museum and architecture was a success!

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of this building, the curators wanted to show the result of the scientific work which enabled the original collection to increase by some 5’000 artifacts during…
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New Chronometric certification

The Timelab Foundation presents the new chronometric certification, which is open to all mechanical watches made in Switzerland.
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Hublot Loves Football

Hublot, the official timekeeper of the forthcoming FIFA World Cup, invites to discover football's stars in a new, unique and different way.
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Parmigiani Fleurier
With The Musée De L'Elysée

Parmigiani Fleurier announced the signing of a partnership with the Elysée Museum in Lausanne, an institution devoted entirely to photography.
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Fossil Group
New European Headquarters In Basel

The American group has announced an investment running into tens of millions of dollars for the construction of its new headquarters.
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New Advertising Campaign

Tissot is getting back to basics and keeping its message clear and simple. Its Swiss heritage is emphasised in the Tissot logo that includes the «+» sign.
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With The Biennale Di Venezia

Rolex announced a major new partnership with the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia.
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